The STYLE Canada Team Used These Pro Tips To Create A Backyard Oasis – Check Out The Results!

When STYLE Canada’s Editor-in-Chief, Elise Gasbarrino, set out to revamp her outdoor living space, she was overwhelmed. Where should you start doing yard work since there’s so much to be done, anyway?

Thankfully, she had White Dahlia Design to look to for advice. White Dahlia is a Canadian design firm servicing clients across the globe virtually with its innovative flat rate packages that save you time and money.

Now that it’s summer, time is of the essence for anyone scrambling to put together a comfortable yet attractive outdoor living area. And whether you have a condo balcony or an acre of grassy land to play with, founder Gloria Song-Foster‘s five tips for creating a backyard oasis are sure to help.

To see how Elise successfully transformed her backyard into a cozy corner using an Article sectional and referencing Gloria’s expertise, check out the video below!

Gloria’s Guide To Creating A Backyard Oasis In 5 Simple Steps

White Dahlia Design founder Gloria Song-Foster

Tip #1: Feature furniture finds. When deciding on your outdoor furniture purchases, pay special attention to fabric quality and weather durability. You don’t want to risk rotting your beautiful rattan loveseat in a downpour. Below are some furniture pieces that have been given a stamp of approval and are made to withstand the elements.

Tip #2: Find your colour palette. When sourcing furniture and decor, remember to keep an overall colour palette in mind to attain a more cohesive look. We love pairing neutral furniture pieces with colourful pillows and decor items. That way, if you get tired of a certain colour or style, you can easily swap out the less pricey items to switch up the look without breaking the bank.

Tip #3: Include stylish plants and pots. The easiest way to amp up your outdoor oasis is to add some stylish planters for a polished look. You can even use these planters to grow a pretty vegetable garden. Make sure you do some research beforehand to ensure that you choose the right planter pot size for your vegetable or plant to grow.

Plants that thrive best in pots are beans, chard, kale, lettuce, onions, sweet peppers, tomatoes, spinach, radishes, and beets. For a modern look, go with a sleek and chic planter pot. To create a boho style garden, go for planters with earthy or gold tones. Also, make sure the planters you purchase are heavy and durable so they can withstand heavy winds and rainfall.

Tip #4: Add pillows for maximum comfort. Mix in some personality with throw pillows that can easily be changed season after season. Don’t be afraid to play with different sizes, textures and patterns – have fun with it!

Tips #5: Light it up! At the end of the day, there is nothing better than cozying up outside with a glass of wine to unwind. But how do you achieve the perfect outdoor garden setting? Well, there’s a reason why your favourite date night restaurants have dimmed lighting.

Set the mood on your balcony or deck by adding the right lighting. A simple way to set the tone is by turning off the main outdoor light and turning on soft string lighting instead. String lights are easy to find at your local hardware store.

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