The Asian-Canadian Creators To Follow During Asian Heritage Month And Beyond

Over the past couple of months, we’ve learned a lot about anti-Asian racism. At STYLE Canada, we’re sending out extra thanks to the media stars who’ve taken the time to teach us about their history and their experiences with racism in our country. They’re also some of coolest, funniest, most creative and inspiring people we know of on TikTok and Instagram.

Here’s who we’re following during Asian Heritage Month and beyond:

Beauty Creators

  • @sacheu (Toronto) – CEO of SACHEU Beauty brand
  • @glamzilla (Toronto) – Iconic beauty product reviews

@meicrosoft via Instagram

Fashion Creators

  • @actuallyz (Vancouver) – Trendy outfits using staple wardrobe pieces
  • @ishiniw (Edmonton) – Fashion inspired by Desi and Sri Lankan culture

@ishiniw via Instagram

Music Creators

  • @tesher (Regina) – Fusing Bollywood classics with trending hip-hop beats

@aaronparismusic via Instagram

Food Creators

  • @nutrientmatters (Toronto) – Conscious consumption from the comfort of your kitchen
  • @livwutang (Toronto) – Classic Chinese and Korean meals
  • @w2sixpackchef (Toronto) – Knife skills you need to see to believe

@tiffycooks via Instagram

Activist/Educational Creators

  • @onlinekyne (Kitchener) – A drag queen with a penchant for math and all things sparkly
  • @k.fel (Toronto) – Using TikTok to practice the Japanese language
  • @mimilapoop (Montreal) – Japanese school comedy skits
  • @pushpeksidhu (Toronto) – Insightful content and anti-racist education
  • @auntyskates (Toronto) – A skateboarding mom who has all the cool tips and tricks

@onlinekyne via Instagram

Parenting Creators

  • @michelletiang (Coquitlam) – A mom of three who crushes in the kitchen
  • @hey_itsmeviv (Vancouver) – An accountant, a mom… hilarity ensues
  • @ongsquad (Vancouver) – What it’s like to be a mother of four children

@ongsquadron via Instagram

Comedy Creators

  • @yoleendadong (Vancouver) – Voice behind the iconic “Hello my frand…” videos
  • @falafelkimchi (Canada) – A Korean man who will teach you a thing or two about Arabic languages

@falafelkimchi via Instagram

Dance Creators

  • @subha_v (Sydney) – An East-Coast dance addict
  • @jeffreychangofficial (Montreal) – Have you ever seen a father and son crush a TikTok dance together?
  • @erica.syl (Montreal) – Boujee backgrounds, bold moves

@caleontwins via Instagram

Business Creators

  • (Toronto) – A boxing brand designed for women
  • @onemaybeauty (Montreal) – Lip gloss staples made with sustainable packaging
  • @amandarachlee (Toronto) – Stationery styles you never knew you needed

@shopamandarachlee via Instagram

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