Designer Profile: Unbound Merino

Created by three lifelong friends, Unbound Merino came to life while travelling, as they discovered the amazing and natural  benefits of merino wool. While merino wool is typically worn during outdoor activities, the founders wanted to extend the material and create a line that can be fashionable as  activewear and around the town such as the, merino wool polo or the merino wool sweater.

Unbound Merino’s promise is freedom through simplicity. With simplicity, versatility and performance as the brand’s pillars, Unbound Merino offers the most stylish and versatile merino wool clothing on the market. They believe in designing items that will last you forever, the brand ditched large logos and seasonal trends so that your quality item will always be in style.

After years of research and designing, Unbound Merino has created multiple items for men that are suitable for all and any occasion. A great example being their men’s merino t-shirt. This t-shirt, along with all of their merino wool clothing is odor resistant, wrinkle resistant, fast drying and temperature regulating. Perfect for hiking or dining out.

Thanks to the temperature regulating properties of merino wool, Unbound Merino sweaters and hoodies can also be worn in warmer weather conditions, as top layers.

Unbound Merino carries various styles of top layer items that will keep you comfortable in any climate such as, the compact travel hoodie and the merino wool sweater.

The compact travel hoodie is light and breathable, odor resistant, fast drying, anti-wrinkle and temperature regulating. While their  merino wool sweaters are lightweight, compact and completely breathable.

The clothing at Unbound Merino has been developed and tested to withstand heavy travelling and your everyday wear and tear. With such great quality that will last you hundreds of wears, Unbound Merino can be worn for weeks on end without needing to be washed.

With each piece of clothing being so versatile, you’ll find yourself needing to pack less when travelling making the stress of luggage size and weight disappear.

Unbound Merino also sells: button-downs, boxer briefs, socks and bundle packs.

In addition to men’s clothing, Unbound Merino has announced that their merino wool clothing for women is coming soon. You can sign up to receive updates on new items for women and gain early access to bird pricings, here.

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