Komal Minhas, Founder of Karseva Co. Talks About Empathy, Equality & More

“The moments of most clarity in people’s lives come from difficulty or seeing someone they love go through something hard- and it deepens that empathy within them,” Komal Minhas told Elise Gasbarrino on this week’s episode of Let’s Talk About.

Komal is the founder of Karseva Co. a company focused on building individual and societal resilience through training programs, media production and investing. Through this work, Komal discusses powerful conversations and experiences with her audience and plays the roles of interviewer, educator, investor and champion for women worldwide.

Komal shares that connecting with people who possess a deep level of empathy is much easier than connecting with those who do not. Many people who have empathy, often earn it through facing hardships in their lives.

When she interviews individuals who are deeply empathetic, she finds the potential to create a network of strong and inspiring women; women who are all working towards a common goal – to empower and encourage others.

Komal Minhas

Komal also hosts a talk show, “Lessons Learned”, where she uses her experience as a business owner and journalist to tackle rich conversations and connect with both her guests and audience.

A major highlight in her career was interviewing First Lady Michelle Obama on her Canadian stadium tour!

To listen to Komal’s episode of Let’s Talk About, simply search for “Let’s Talk About” on any major streaming platform and for more information, head over to our podcast homepage, here.

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