The Responsible Trust for Models: Interview with Founder Elizabeth Peyton-Jones

Style CANADA’s Giulia Menechella, sat down with Elizabeth Peyton Jones to discuss the organisation that she founded to protect, educate, and support models: The Responsible Trust for Models Elizabeth recently ran a two-day course at the London College of Fashion for up and coming models that included sessions from finance, to public speaking, wellness, and choreography. The course had industry professionals such as Models Arizona Muse and Jessica Clarke, Casting Director Holly Scott and the Head of Inca Productions, Charlotte Clarke give their perspectives on the fashion industry as a whole and how to best manoeuvre as a model in a safe and guided way. Elizabeth just spoke at the Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards and is on a mission to help make the fashion industry more ethical. I myself interviewed Elizabeth and was also present over the two-day course in London and I must say that this is a vigorous task and Elizabeth is stopping at nothing to ensure the safety, protection and education of models. Sign up for the manifesto here:

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