Transparent Kitchen and the Restaurant Industry

The pandemic has greatly affected many businesses this past year, the restaurant industry being one of them. All of the sudden people were no longer able to attend restaurants or support their favourite chefs in-person, this resulted in many individuals losing their jobs and shops in this industry.

Now, more than ever, it is so important to support the restaurant industry and help these businesses and employees get back in action!

We here at STYLE are doing our best to individually support the restaurant industry and everyone involved, one way this is possible is with Transparent Kitchen.

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Transparent Kitchen is using well-known chefs from all over to showcase the various struggles often faced in the industry and are highlighting what a typical day-in-the-life of a chef is, from their perspective.

Transparent Kitchen is hosting two events (below) where you can attend and get a taste of what working in the restaurant industry is truly like, as well as attend events featuring some of the best chefs available!

The Last Service – Chef Talks Series

The Chef Talks Series is split into three parts: Restaurant Economics, The Future of Dining, and A Recipe for Burnout.

Highlighting the struggles faced by many of Canada’s top chefs, Tablz partnered with Rational to bring a few of the topics covered in the photo essay, to life!

For tickets and more information, visit here.

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Culinary Celebration – Farm Event

The second event from Transparent Kitchen is, A Day at Merkaba Acres.

Tablz and Garland invite guests to a day of celebration and appreciation for the restaurant community.

A few events you can expect are: cooking Merkaba’s wagyu beef on the fire, yoga, hiking, beer sampling with Cameron’s Brewing, a seafood bar from Organic Ocean Seafood, and more!

To learn more about this event, click here. 

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