ABOA Collective takes on Startup Fashion Week

The fashion world   is abuzz from Startup Fashion Week™ (SFW) as the organization marked a decade of nurturing talent this past season. A brainchild of Founder and Executive Producer Jodi Goodfellow, SFW has evolved from a modest idea into a transformative force for small businesses, making it the first and only multi-city fashion week in Canada. Read on below for some of the new faces of Canadian Fashion that were showcased this past season. 

Name: Amanda Narain, founder of The ABOA Collective


Social Media: @ayyemanderzzz

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am a Toronto based Visual Artist/ Fashion Designer/ Interior Decorator and this October will mark 9 years since I have been practicing. In the recent 2 years and after a lot of trial and error, I have found a way to mesh all 3 mediums to form ‘The ABOA Collective’ which stands for ‘The Art Book of Amanda’. Over the years I have become more of a home body, or it could just be that there is just so much work to do that I have become a hermit! When I am not working, I love good food, good laughs with good company, and refilling my Soul with new experiences.

What inspires you?

My top 3 sources of inspiration are nature, sound/ rhythm, and my spirituality. Anything from the sun glistening across a beautiful beach, taking in the vibrations of percussion and drumbeats, or getting lost in meditation while I create have always been key to allowing new ideas and messages to flow in.

Tell us the story behind your art.

My artwork has always allowed me to connect to my spirituality, which in turn has helped me define what I really want out of life, as well has been a form of coping with being a caregiver to both my parents over the years. The imagery, colour palettes, and intricate dot work techniques come directly from my heart and soul and each piece has so much meaning to me.

My garments are unique in that they feature my artwork and textile designs. I have always been fascinated with Fashion, I see it as walking art, not only the garment styles, but the fabric selections and how they drape on the body as it moves and sways in the wind. And then going one step further to the ‘Home’ element of the brand which emphasis the relation of your surroundings to your mental and emotional health.

I am so excited to have found a way to integrate all 3 elements into a ‘Mind Body Home’ Collective which ultimately encourages One to be becoming their Truest Self.

What’s one piece of advice you would give someone starting out in your field?

There are many objectives that a blossoming designer would need to stick to break ground such as the business, marketing, the technical aspects, and a good cash flow. However, I believe that it is most important is sticking to your gut, and by that, I mean really figuring out the story you are trying to tell and dig deep until you find a way to communicate that with the world. There is a reason your vision came to you and not the next person.

What do you love most about SFW?

I love the number of additional layers that are integrated into SFW apart from the Runway show. This includes selecting our own model lineup through the live casting call, the business and PR strategies, and the opportunity to network at all the events which will help boost the confidence of an introvert, such as myself.

Jodi is an amazing example to learn from; her passion, dedication, and hard work is reflective in the productions and the team behind her. SFW Toronto is an extensive program which the results reflect directly on the effort you put in and I am grateful for the opportunity to be featured as a designer.

Read more about SFW here.

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