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Let’s Talk About is a podcast presented by STYLE Canada, a disruptor in the media for its community of inquisitive STYLE seekers. STYLE Canada aims to help its band of readers, listeners and watchers make everyday discoveries, because its platform is not just about style – it’s about living a lifestyle that leaves people open to evolution and opportunity.

We talk a lot. About common ground, hobbies, interests, the news – we even talk about ourselves. Let’s Talk About the other things. The things we’ve heard about, but don’t know about. The things we want to know, but don’t want to ask. Perhaps even things that make us uncomfortable. Expanding your horizons of knowledge allows you to open your mind up to new ideas, patterns of thought, and inspiration. Each week on Let’s Talk About…, host Elise Gasbarrino chats with an expert to help you grow and become comfortable with asking questions about your curiosities.

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“The gut has such an important role in your whole body. So, when you think of living a healthy life, you have to focus on the gut or else you’re just kind of missing the boat there,” Dr. Lori Bouchard told Elise Gasbarrino on this week’s episode of Let’s Talk About.

“When you’re in those low places in your life, [makeup] is an amazing tool to bring back your confidence. From that point on, I knew that I wanted to do makeup not only for just the beauty aspect of it, but also to help people bring back their confidence and charisma,” Julia Dantas told Elise Gasbarrino on this week’s episode of Let’s Talk About.

“With the pandemic, especially as so many of us are working from home now, our bedroom has become kind of the catch of all rooms, right? It’s our home office, it’s our kid’s classroom, it’s our escape, it’s our entertainment center. But, It’s really important to create that strong association between sleep and your bed,” Alanna McGinn told Elise Gasbarrino on this week’s episode of Let’s Talk About.

“You’ve got to go inside of yourself. A lot of what we do is this alchemy of calling up the fears, calling up the lack, calling up all of the things that sabotage us because, in a way, there’s really nothing between you and what you want except for these blocks,” Kelley Knight told Elise Gasbarrino on this week’s episode of Let’s Talk About.

“It’s going to be insane. I have no idea what you’ll see or won’t see but I know what happened and it was all pretty crazy,” Meredith Marks told Elise Gasbarrino on this week’s episode of Let’s Talk About.

“You cannot avoid suffering. Grieving is part of life, it’s as part of life as joy. You know, love and loss are two sides of the same coin and we keep wanting to forget about it and ignore the loss but we can’t. If we do, we do it at our peril,” Julia Samuel told Elise Gasbarrino on this week’s episode of Let’s Talk About.

“It doesn’t matter at what stage you’re at. Don’t try to keep up with the person next door. They’re probably in more debt than you’ve ever even thought of getting into debt,” Pattie Lovett-Reid told Elise Gasbarrino on this week’s episode of Let’s Talk About.

“Anytime you learn something new or try something new, you’re growing a new neuropathway or a set of new neuropathways and those are neuroprotective. The more new neuropathway formation you have, the better protected you are against the cognitive decline that inevitably accompanies aging,” Daniel Levitin told Elise Gasbarrino on this week’s episode of Let’s Talk About.

“There has been studies on what is called “body talk” or “fat talk” and it is interesting because when you are talking about bodies, whether it be people you know or people in the media, you actually feel worse about yourself,” Susan Osher told Elise Gasbarrino on this week’s episode of Let’s Talk About.

“A lot of people have a role that they want to fill, I do it the opposite. I find people and then I put them into a role, I create a role- it doesn’t always work, it’s kind of a weird way of working, but there are many times where I’ll meet somebody, I’ll interview somebody, I’ve worked with somebody and I love their attitude, I love their aesthetic,” Joe Mimran told Elise Gasbarrino on this week’s episode of Let’s Talk About.

“Have fun with fashion, I don’t think you always have to look like a perfect hourglass or the version of that to love fashion and be wearing what you’re wearing,” Hilary MacMillan told Elise Gasbarrino on this week’s episode of Let’s Talk About

“Don’t be scared by it, if you love what you do and you know you want to do that, go for it, take that chance – you never know until you try,” Jenna and Ashley told Elise Gasbarrino on this week’s episode of Let’s Talk About.

“The moments of most clarity in people’s lives come from difficulty or seeing someone they love go through something hard- and it deepens that empathy within them,” Komal Minhas told Elise Gasbarrino on this week’s episode of Let’s Talk About.

“It’s really important to find that place or those people that really keep you grounded and hold on to them for dear life and go to them when you start to feel a little crazy,” Hailey Whitters told Elise Gasbarrino on this week’s episode of Let’s Talk About.

“Listen to that voice inside of you, because it’s the only voice that isn’t impacted by societal points of view,” Serena Kerrigan told Elise Gasbarrino on this week’s episode of Let’s Talk About.

“I know that I work hard, I know that I put in time, but it doesn’t feel like work. It certainly doesn’t because I love this – I love country music, I love my family, I love my vodka company, I love to work. So finding your passion is so important, especially now,” Brett Kissel told Elise Gasbarrino on this week’s episode of Let’s Talk About.

“All around the world, all across the globe, we have athletes who are not able to train to their maximum potential,” Perdita Felicien told Elise Gasbarrino on this week’s episode of Let’s Talk About.

“My life is more than just me. I think that through my business, through my advocacy for disability awareness and mental health awareness, that I’ll be able to create something and affect people for longer than I’ll ever be alive,” Taylor Lindsay-Noel told Elise Gasbarrino on this week’s episode of Let’s Talk About.

“I wanted to kind of combine them and create a clothing line that can play luxury but also rustic, and also be more than one dimensional,” Luke Gulbranson told Elise Gasbarrino on this week’s episode of Let’s Talk About.

“Period poverty is a subset of poverty, and if people are in poverty they are not buying period products – therefore they are not being able to menstruate with dignity,” Carrine Chambers-Saini told Elise Gasbarrino on this week’s episode of Let’s Talk About.

“Not only are we being marginalized and persecuted, but now we’re getting sick as well and the rest of the world doesn’t care,” Brad Fraser told Elise Gasbarrino on this week’s episode of Let’s Talk About.

Meet Jenn Harper, “the founder and CEO of Cheekbone Beauty, a DTC beauty brand that encourages and allows Indigenous youths to see themselves represented in the beauty industry.”

“Why aren’t we using data to inform a decision as important as whether and when and how we want to have kids?” ⁠The answer? Women don’t have all of the information available to them.⁠

In this episode of “Let’s Talk About…” the former parliamentary secretary powerhouse Celina Caesar-Chavannes chatted with our Editor in Chief Elise Gasbarrino about all things leadership, racism, politics and everything in between.

Though Tayshia ended the show engaged to New Yorker Zac Clarke, her season of The Bachelorette is well-known for discussing important social issues such as the Black Lives Matter movement, which Tayshia and contestant Ivan Hall shared an intimate conversation about.⁠

What’s your Kegel face? Even if you’ve never practiced in front of the mirror, Kim Vopni knows you have one.⁠ This week on Let’s Talk About, STYLE Canada’s Editor-in-Chief, Elise Gasbarrino, got a full-on Kegel lesson from Vopni who’s also know as “The Vagina Coach”. ⁠

“You know, I love dressing up… but the minute I get home, I take those heels off and I get into comfy clothes,” said Kameron Westport. Kam also admitted that at this stage in the pandemic, she’s purchased so many tracksuits that she has no more room for them in her closet.⁠

“It’s an honour to work alongside the Joe Fresh team and create a swimwear collection that women of all shapes and sizes can feel confident wearing,” said Earle. “Together, we have developed beautiful pieces that truly embody the #MySizeRox movement, which aims to promote body positivity and inclusivity for all body sizes.”⁠

With seven kids and millions of followers between them, Cat & Nat challenge every notion of “the perfect mom” and explain how on Mother’s Day, the best gift may be having to do nothing, at all.⁠ This week on Lets Talk About, @catandnat (a.k.a Catherine Belknap and Natalie Telfer) put what Moms actually want for Mother’s Day into perspective for us.⁠

This week on Let’s Talk About, STYLE Canada‘s Editor-in-Chief, Elise Gasbarrino, chats with Lauren Toyota about veganism. She explains how through hot for food, she focuses on meals that are typically not recognized as being vegan because they taste so flavourful and resemble animal-based classics.

Mary is one of the incredible women at @theoppenheimgroup, selling multimillion-dollar homes in Beverly Hills. Representing both buyers and sellers in L.A.’s luxury real estate market is no small feat – Fitzgerald sets herself apart with consistent integrity and an unrivaled work ethic.⁠

This week on #LetsTalkAbout, Editor-in-Chief, Elise Gasbarrino, is joined by three advocates that have worked with organizations around Canada to spread this message and encourage young activists to stand up: Jeremy Dias (@jersvision), John R. Sylliboy (@jrs42), and Melissa and Warner.

Finding pleasure is a revolution. Where society has told women to feel guilty or ashamed for embracing pleasures, Cynthia Loyst shows you how to get to the heart of what you need and want in every aspect of life. Finding pleasure is also a large part of living well, which Loyst discusses with STYLE Canada‘s Editor-in-Chief, Elise Gasbarrino, on our podcast this week.

Have you ever wondered about how to be an ally to people of colour without taking performative action against racism? Avery Francis can help you figure that out.

This week we’re talking about home decor with Kortney Wilson. Kortney is the co-host and lead designer of HGTV’s hit show, Masters of Flip, and a fellow Canadian, growing up in Northern Ontario. With an eye on a country music career, Kortney moved to Nashville to pursue that dream. Her immediate success lead to her lengthy career in show business including record deals and reality shows.

On this week’s Let’s Talk About episode, Megan Gallagher speaks about mental health answering the tough questions like “what if COVID never ends? What if we never get out of this?” According to Megan, these types of questions signal anticipatory anxiety – otherwise known as stress that comes with thinking about what will happen in the future.

On our first episode of Let’s Talk About, Editor-in-Chief Elise Gasbarrino, chats with industry icon Jeanne Beker about all things fashion. Beker speaks on the difference between style and fashion, being empowered by what you wear, and feeling good about yourself in your clothes on a daily basis. While the idea of being “uncomfortable” can be good in the name of style, Beker stands behind women needing to be comfortable with themselves first.

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