summer cocktails canadian


Canadian Bartenders and Flor de Caña Rum Reduce Waste with Innovative, Sustainable Cocktails

summer cocktails canadian

Source: Clives Cocktail

The world’s only Carbon Neutral and Fair Trade Certified rum, Flor de Caña, has teamed up with Canadian bartenders to reduce food waste by creating delicious cocktails you can sip and savour all summer long! 


The cocktail world is paying attention to its impact on the environment, that’s why, Flor de Caña is working hand-in-hand with the bartending community to reduce waste behind the bar one cocktail at a time. Through its Sustainable Cocktail Season initiative, more than 65 Canadian bars have created innovative and sustainable cocktails by repurposing food scraps and edible food waste components. 


Each bar taking part in the initiative has created its own signature drink using Flor de Caña Rum along with creative methods and approaches to low waste cocktails such as syrups made from fruit husks, reusing spent coffee beans, salvaging raspberries and serving Tiki cocktails from a coconut milk tin.  


The Mallard Lounge in Whistler for example, created a Clockwork Orange cocktail with Flor de Caña 12 Year Rum, aquafaba, and house made orange cordial and cashew orgeat syrup which reduced their food waste by 180 grams. Clive’s Classic Lounge in Victoria created the Helping Hand cocktail made with Flor de Caña 12 Year Rum, tarragon & grapefruit oleo, lemon juice, rosemary sprigs and orange slices , saving a total of 125 grams of food waste per cocktail!

Other bars participating included Brickworks, Stonesedge, Joe Fortes, Bar Le Social, Prince of Wales, 21 Steps, The Shameful Tiki Room, and many more. 

For the full list of bars, along with the cocktail they’ve created and how many grams of food waste were reduced per cocktail, visit Sustainable Cocktail Season website

Running from July until September, there’s enough time to embark on a sustainable  cocktail crawl to experience these unique, low-waste, mouth-watering cocktails while they are still available. 

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