Casino dress code: What to wear and what can you learn from it

Casinos have been offering entertainment for years. From slots to blackjack and more, visitors have been finding their entertainment at these locations. When visiting casinos, it can be confusing picking out what to wear even though the dress codes are usually listed on the website. Black tie, white tie, semiformal, and business formal – what does each type of dress code consist of? Many casinos are also now live; what is the dress code, and what are the takeaways?

Live Casino Dress Codes

Live casinos continue to rise in popularity due to their accessibility and convenience, so it’s fair to mention them first. Since live casinos can be accessed anywhere, there is no need to wear a specific outfit or adhere to a dress code. For this live casino, you don’t have to wear your finest cocktail dress, but it’s still important to stay presentable. Unlike some land-based casinos, which won’t let you in if you’re not dressed for the occasion, with online casinos you don’t have to worry about such things.

Items to Avoid Wearing

Now that live casinos are explained, let’s move on to land-based casinos, and start with a few things you should never wear regardless of the dress code. These items should be avoided even if the website states a casual dress code: flip flops or sneakers, old clothing with rips or stains, shorts or t-shirts during the evening. If you avoid the above items, you are already one step ahead and are sure to step around most faux pas.

Different Types of Dress Codes

Reading through a casino’s website, you can usually find information on the exact dress code expected when visiting. What is the difference between each dress code, and what are you expected to wear? Here are a few details and examples for white tie, black tie, formal, and semiformal that should assist in picking out your outfit for a visit.

White Tie

When a website lists their dress code as white tie, you will be expected to dress in the most formal type of clothes. For men, this entails such clothing items as a dress coat with tails, white tux shirts and bibs, cufflinks, and black patent leather shoes. Women are expected to wear floor-length gowns and their finest jewelry.

Black Tie

When it comes to “levels” of formality, black tie is considered to be a step-down from white tie. Black tie is more common than white tie dress codes at casinos. Men are expected to wear dinner jackets, matching slacks, and a button-down shirt with a collar. Women can wear sophisticated cocktail dresses or even pantsuits to black tie locations.

Semiformal and Business Formal

Semiformal is another option for dress codes that may be presented at casinos. This is usually reserved for morning events. Men can wear more casual suits with either button-down or collared shirts. Women are able to wear shorter cocktail dresses and strappy sandals. Business formal is another option for dress code for casinos. This option is excellent if the dress code is listed on the casino website as it is dressy enough for most casinos. For men, this includes a dark suit with a light button-down shirt. Women can wear pencil skirts or slacks with blouses.


If you are heading to a traditional casino, make sure to check the website for the exact dress code before arriving. If all else fails, try a business formal outfit. If you’re seeking a more casual experience, you can check out a live casino that does not require a specific way of dressing.

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