This Zero-Waste Brand Is Our New Favourite For Sustainable Home Essentials – Here’s Why

Having lived through the most significant shortage of common household cleaning supplies in recent history, we’ve figured out ways to make do with what we have.

In February, the average retail price for paper towels in Canada was 3.12 dollars per two rolls. Now, think about how many you burn through in a week with pandemic-related hand washing rules in place: too many.

Don’t even get us started on the environmental impact – the non-recyclable sheets are among the paper products that clog our landfills. They even contribute to rising carbon dioxide levels, which perpetuate deforestation and global warming at alarming rates.

It’s become evident that while paper towels and other disposable products (like facial rounds, makeup wipes and napkins) are useful and convenient, they’re not the best option for menial household tasks if we want to have a positive effect on the planet.

So, we’ve turned to Peterborough-based Cheeks Ahoy, a company that was started at founder Leah Black‘s dining room table in 2013, for everything from Double Ply “Unpaper” Towels to Reusable Facial Rounds.

Cheeks Ahoy founder Leah Black

Today, Cheeks Ahoy offers an extensive range of zero-waste household reusables at retail locations across Canada, the U.S. and beyond, and each item is still handmade with love and care.

Leah’s goal of helping families care for the environment and save money came to light shortly after her first child was born. Though she and her partner had always planned to use cloth diapers to cut down on waste, they soon realized the excess they were creating by using disposable baby wipes.

Leah sewed up her first batch of reusable wipes out of some old flannel bed sheets and formulated a gentle wipe solution for their baby’s cheeks using four simple, natural ingredients: unscented castile soap, organic coconut oil, water, and tea tree oil.

Remarkably, soaking one of her Reusable Cloth Wipes in this mixture replaced the need for disposables at once.

For a gentle yet effective baby wipe, pour some Cheeky Bits Solution over the Reusable Cloth Wipes in your favourite reusable container, or keep a spray bottle full of the solution in your diaper bag to wet your wipes on the go!

Our personal Cheeks Ahoy favourites for around the house include the Black Hemp Cloth Wipes and Reusable Cloth Wipes, for everything from taking off makeup to drying our hands after washing a sink full of dishes.

Providing all the warmth and softness of a natural textile, hemp is hypoallergenic (one less thing to worry about with kids) and non-irritating on the skin. It’s also a stronger fibre than most plant-based fibres on the planet, so the Black Hemp Cloth Wipes are exceptionally durable and long-lasting.

Even better, hemp is naturally resistant to bacteria and is able to kill strains of staph on its surface. It also has the look of classic linen and softens with each washing. Basically, the Black Hemp Cloth Wipes are pretty enough to leave out on the counter for guests to see.

In place of paper towels, we love the best-selling Unpaper Towels. Available in single and double ply, they come on their own or pre-rolled on a sturdy kraft tube. Made from a durable cotton flannel material, they can serve as dish towels, a splatter shield for the microwave, and even lint-free dusters.

When it comes time to remove your eye makeup for the day or wipe up a big spill, the Black Hemp Cloth Wipes (left) and UnPaper Towels come to the rescue. They’re gentle on delicate skin, yet tough enough to withstand tough cleaning jobs.

Perfect for cleaning up messes – even the one’s your kids create – or adding to your self-care routine, Cheeks Ahoy products eliminate the need to use disposable products like paper towels for every conceivable job (like shooting crumbs off the counter or swiping up a drop of juice).

If you’re ready to set aside your issues with tissue once and for all, find out where to buy Cheeks Ahoy products closest to you or shop online via Etsy at Cheeks Ahoy Handmade.

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