Dr. Daniel Levitin Talks About Aging & More

“Anytime you learn something new or try something new, you’re growing a new neuropathway or a set of new neuropathways and those are neuroprotective. The more new neuropathway formation you have, the better protected you are against the cognitive decline that inevitably accompanies aging,” Daniel Levitin told Elise Gasbarrino on this week’s episode of Let’s Talk About.

Dr. Daniel Levitin is a Professor of Psychology at McGill University in Canada. He is a best-selling author and was previously a record engineer alongside many recording artists such as, Stevie Wonder and Santana.

Dr. Levitin shares with us just how important it is to be curious and to constantly explore new things. He gives us a scientific explanation about how people can put this method, of trying and learning new things, into action and how it can slower the cognitive decline that is seemingly inevitable with aging.

In addition to being a bestselling author, Daniel has published over 100 scientific articles in leading journals, being credited for some of the fundamental discoveries about the nature of musical muscle memory.

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