How-To: Cut And Style Curtain Bangs For Your Face Shape

In this How-To lesson, The Marilyn Denis Show‘s hair expert and Chatters celebrity hairstylist Cindy Duplantis gives you pro-tips on cutting the perfect curtain bangs for your face shape.

Cindy Duplantis

Cindy Duplantis (Courtesy of Chatters Hair)

Curtain bangs are one of today’s biggest hair trends because they suit all face shapes and hair types, they look great in person, on video calls and even look amazing paired with your mask. They frame your face perfectly while accentuating both your cheekbones and your eyes.

Whether you like to toss your hair up in a top knot or let it flow freely, this quick and easy style can transform your look with minimal effort. Here’s how to cut and style them to compliment your unique face shape:

Curtain bangsOval shape:​ The oval-shaped face is super accommodating. Think: Beyoncé, Jessica Alba and Kate Middleton. You can rock your curtain fringe on the shorter side and on the longer side as this shape will suit any length.

Square shape: ​The square-shaped face has gorgeous angles from the cheekbones to the jawline – Rihanna and Demi Moore are two square-shaped queens! For this face shape, your fringe should start just below your cheekbone and end just below the jawline. This will give you a softer, romanticized look.

Round shape:​ The round-shaped face tends to have perfect symmetry and soft lines, just like Michelle Williams, Kelly Clarkson and Emma Stone. Adding a side parted, long-layered curtain fringe is a great way to instantly add more definition and elongate your facial silhouette.

Diamond shape: ​The diamond-shaped face has beautifully wide cheekbones and a prominent chin, just like Jennifer Lopez, Victoria Beckham and Madonna. For this shape, your fringe should begin just below your cheekbones to add softness and end at the jawline to add definition.

Rectangular shape:​ The rectangular-shaped face is soft and elongated like Sarah Jessica Parker and Liv Tyler. To add definition and enhance your cheekbones, your fringe should begin at the brow line and end just below the cheekbone. This shortens the face length, adding angles and structure.

Heart shape: ​The heart-shaped face rocks high-defined cheekbones, a wide forehead, and a narrow jawline like Reese Witherspoon, Zooey Deschanel and Katy Perry. To elongate this facial shape and soften the forehead, wispy bangs beginning at the brow line or just below, and ending between the cheekbones and jawline are the perfect fit.

These Styling Techniques And Products Will Help Maintain Your Look

Prep your hair with a light heat protector such as ​AG Hair Firewall.

Must-have styling tools for curtain bands are a round brush like ​The Moroccanoil 35 MM Ceramic Round Brush​ (the larger the brush, the less of a bend in the hair) paired with Hot Tools Black Gold Ionic Hair Dryer​.

Styling Step-By-Step:

  1. With wet hair, begin sectioning out your curtain fringe. Brush your fringe in a criss-cross motion ending where you’d like your hair to lay (this helps eliminate cowlicks).
  2. Starting with one side of your part, brush in a downward motion using your round brush, ensuring your fringe is wrapped underneath. This helps your fringe sweep nicely and lay softly against the forehead.
  3. With your hair dryer, apply heat under the round brush while creating a rolling motion, down and away from your face. Always use your styling nozzle for a precise concentration of heat.

Finish your look with ​Design.ME Puff.ME Lite​ to add dry texture and hold without compromising movement. Dry powder is a great alternative for hold without stiffness!


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