Kelley Knight Talks About Magic

“You’ve got to go inside of yourself. A lot of what we do is this alchemy of calling up the fears, calling up the lack, calling up all of the things that sabotage us because, in a way, there’s really nothing between you and what you want except for these blocks,” Kelley Knight told Elise Gasbarrino on this week’s episode of Let’s Talk About.

Kelley Knight is the co-owner of Modern Mystic Shop, a metaphysical store located in Atlanta, Georgia, where she shares the goal of bringing mysticism into mainstream society. Kelley frequently applies her ancient, spiritual knowledge to the modern-day world through her branding and practices of magic, with herself and with those that she teaches.

She shared with us the method behind using magic to call upon the positive aspects in our lives and how magic can be beneficial to our inner selves and within our relationships with others.

Kelley is the co-author of “Spells for the Modern Mystic” which she wrote with her husband, Brandon. The incredible novel dives into spells that we, at home, can practice to elevate our lives in various ways including love and our careers!

As a tarot reader, Kelley has been featured in goop, Nylon, She’s Next and more, with her business previously featured on Good Morning America, Glamour Magazine and US Weekly.

To listen to Kelley’s episode of Let’s Talk About, simply search for “Let’s Talk About” on any major streaming platform and for more information, head over to our podcast homepage, here.

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