hawaiian shirts for women
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Most Popular Hawaiian Shirts for Women

According to a well-known anecdote, the Hawaiian shirt used to be seen only on drunk uncles and overeager tourists in the tropics. As a result, this men’s shirt has become a cool, must-have style trend. Currently, it is not only for men but also for women.

Because simply put, this story is accurate, and you’ve heard it many times. Take a look at HBO’s recent hit show, The White Lotus. When was the last time Hawaiian shirts looked this good? Hawaiian shirts went from cringe-worthy to must-cop when luxury fashion designers at prestigious brands sent out meticulously crafted versions of the vacation shirt. In doing so, they gave it the thumbs up. It isn’t easy to pinpoint when or how they became a must-have.

Yes, Hawaiian shirts (or aloha shirts) are named after the island they come from. They feature a flat and open collar. Hawaiian shirts are designed with lightweight fabrics, making them the perfect sun shirt for hot weather.

Keep reading to see the tropical-printed results. Do a half-tuck in a pair of slouchy denim shorts or let it hang loose over a pair of biker shorts; tuck it all into high-waisted jeans or tie it in a knot. Wearing it however you like, the main thing is keeping relaxed and comfortable. Above all, don’t take yourself too seriously.

hawaiian shirts for women

Source: Shein

Hawaiian Shirts for Women – What to Look For?

Color: Hawaiian shirts come in a wide range of colors, so choosing one that fits your personality and wardrobe is essential. For a casual look, muted colors such as green and navy are great choices.

Fabric: Fabric plays a crucial role in choosing a Hawaiian shirt. Cotton and rayon are two fabrics that are breathable and comfortable for shirts. You might consider a silk or satin shirt if you want something more dressy.

Occasion: If you plan to wear the shirt for a specific occasion, you should consider this. Wear a silk or satin shirt if you are looking for something dressier. Consider a cotton or rayon shirt in a bright or subdued color if you’re looking for something more casual.

Style: The style of the shirt is also important to consider. There are two main styles of Hawaiian shirts for women: traditional and contemporary. Contemporary styles have a more fitted fit and featureless busy prints. In contrast, traditional styles have a loose fit and bold prints.

What are the Different Types of Hawaiian Shirts for Women?

In the beginning, Hawaiian shirts were made from silk or cotton. Japanese influences influenced the first shirt, created by Chinese merchant Ellery Chun, during the 1930s and 1940s. During that time, silk would have been a popular material. A synthetic fiber, rayon, became available later, enabling mass factory production.

The fabrics available today include cotton, silk, and synthetic, depending on your preference. There are also vintage Hawaiian shirts available for those seeking original designs and authentic garments.

The Styles of Wearing a Hawaiian Shirt

A casual and untucked look

You’ll feel stylish and comfortable wearing your Hawaiian shirt untucked on a day out about town. This top will look great with jeans or shorts, and it will also be comfortable for you! For footwear, slippers or sneakers will be perfect, as casual is the name of the game here.

hawaii shirts for women

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A bold and quirky style

A Hawaiian shirt is also known as an “Aloha shirt,” the most popular Hawaiian word among tourists. You instantly stand out from the crowd when you wear a Hawaiian shirt with its bold colors and prints. It is also possible that they might introduce you to the area as a “tourist.”

Despite their popularity in the summer, Hawaiian shirts are worn all year round and everywhere. What better way to add a bold and bright look to your wardrobe than with a brightly colored Hawaiian shirt that features a quirky print?

Wear it as an overshirt 

Overshirts are a great alternative to the Hawaiian shirt if you aren’t ready to wear them alone yet. In other words, you wear a monochrome shirt or tank top – preferably in black or white – and then put on the Hawaiian shirt over it. This way, you can slip over the Hawaiian shirt and leave it unbuttoned. It’s a great way to achieve a beach casual look without putting too much effort into it.

As part of an Assemble 

Think of solid colors when pairing a bottom with your Hawaiian shirt. Adding a patterned bottom to your Hawaiian shirt would be overkill since it already features patterned prints. Colors should be chosen based on the prints on your shirt. It may be a good idea to wear an orange or brown bottom with your shirt, for instance, if it features sunsets.

Popular Hawaiian Shirts for Women

Funky Hawaiian Shirt by VHO

A beautiful Hawaiian print is what makes this stylish blouse pop. The high-quality material keeps it lightweight and cool. It comes in multiple fun colors to find the right one that will match your bubbly personality. It is also machine washable and can last long enough for continuous washing and wearing.

Outwear Hawaiian Shirt By La Leela

This exclusive collection of vibrant colors and trendy aloha prints provides you with a cool yet elegant look that will impress anyone. The hula dancer party, the tropical trees, beach shirts, and Hawaiian seashore blouses are great. They also have casual button-down shirts, aloha camp shirts, and traditional luau shirts that are great for any occasion that you may have.

These shirts are made of a wrinkle-free, quality material that makes them great for beach wear as they dry quickly. You can wear it as a coverup for your swimwear or outerwear with capris, shorts, palazzo, and skirts.

Hawaiian Kimono Shirt by Relipop

Relipop has gone above and beyond by making this Hawaiian kimono shirt. It is great for any outfit, and the loose fit provides an excellent flowy cut and comfortable feel that can pair with just about any outfit, like jeans or something much dressier. It is made from a breathable fabric that keeps you cool all day without worrying about sacrificing your fashion. The bonus of this kimono is that it can protect your skin from heat, wind, insects, and rain. It allows just enough sun to touch your skin so that you will feel perfect without the burn. The material is similar to mosquito nets, and bugs are less likely to be attracted to you when this clothing is worn.

hawaiian shirts for womens fashion

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Hawaiian Floral Top by Sampeel

If you need a nice comfortable top for a hot summer day, then you need this shirt. It is made of elastic and breathable fabric. It is also very soft since the material is very smooth. You can wear these shirts all day and not feel overheated or constricted. The design is flattering and can be paired with leggings, shorts, or jeans. The shirt can be styled in different ways, like tucking it into your pants, knotting the bottom of it, or leaving it hanging down. Plus, the top is machine washable and easy to care for since it is durable.

Cold Shoulder Hawaiian Shirt by Luranee

If you want to make a statement, try this cold shoulder shirt by Luranee. It is made from a lightweight fabric that keeps you comfortable while looking stylish and cool. It also has elegant floral prints that give it a tropical feel, and it can be paired with just about anything to keep it casual or dressy with just a few changes to what it is worn with. This shirt can make any woman stand out in a crowd as it is work-appropriate and great for a night out on the town with the girls. Due to the versatile design, you can wear it layered or on its own. The fabric used is designed to let air circulate to keep you cool and comfortable and not feel like you are living in a sauna when wearing your outfit.

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