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Our Favourite TikToks of the Week

Welcome to our favourite TikToks of the week, where we pick the top five videos that had us bursting out with laughter and wanting more. From relatable content to hilarious videos we sent to our friends, you’ll be able to see what TikToks we were loving while keeping up with the latest online trends! Be sure to follow us on TikTok at @stylecanada to see our recent posts!

@marinarossa_ on Toronto’s Reopening

@nata.philomena on Job Hunting

@keepingupwithkaters and Online Shopping


it haunts me Everytime I open my laptop #fyp

♬ –

@shawnjohnson and Mansplaining


lol @andrewdeast really wanted to do this @nastialiukin #olympics #comedy #beijing #athletes

♬ original sound – ShawnJohnson

@allegrashaw on Winter Fashion

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