Outdoor Adventure Series


Outdoor Adventure Series: Yoga

Welcome to our Outdoor Adventure Series; a series where we take you into the great outdoors to experience bliss and stay awhile. It’s here where we take a deep dive into how to move our bodies in shapes and forms that feel true to us. A place where we welcome all and celebrate the little triumphs of simply tapping into the natural flow of things. 

Here, we take you on a yoga journey to share the benefits of yoga, a short practice and goods we love while distilling the mind and moving into our version of bliss.

So go on, grab your yoga mat and let’s get started.

Outdoor Yoga

Outdoor Adventure Series

Resonate with the world around you. As you step onto your mat, we invite you to wash away your worries as you move through the present moment with your body on the Earth. Outdoor yoga (or really any type of yoga), provides you with a space to simply be. It invites you to ‘yoke’ or ‘unite’ your body, mind and spirit to bring you into a place of greater awareness within. 

For those of you new to stretching on your mat, yoga has been practiced for centuries and was first designed to cultivate a place of ease and universal consciousness within. The practice invites the subtle layers of energy to move through us, as we create harmony on and off our mats.

The Benefits of the Practice

Outdoor Adventure Series

Practicing yoga outdoors invites us to go deeper. When we move our bodies outdoors, we connect with the energetics of the Earth to distill the mind and find peace within our bodies. As we move outdoors, we freely flow with the waves and trees. 

The benefits of practicing yoga outdoors are endless. Here are a few favourites of ours, and why you’ll find us moving outdoors any day of the year. From balancing your nervous system and moving you into a place of ease, to reducing stress and releasing anxiety, outdoor yoga  provides us with clarity while in the great outdoors. 

It’s an open invitation for you to root into your practice as you connect to your core, tapping into the sweet sounds of the natural world.

The Outdoor Adventure Collection

We believe that every outdoor adventure begins with some wonderful goods to enliven our experience. Here we share some really wonderful yoga goods from B YOGA, an ever-inspiring British Columbia based company whose values are rooted in moving in ways where you’re invited to go within.

The B Mat Everyday


The B MAT Everyday is a fan favourite. Since its roots, B YOGA has been designing yoga mats and surreal products with our bodies and the environment in mind. The B MAT is made of natural, biodegradable materials and is Oeko-Tex certified. This eco-friendly mat is for every practice—from super sweaty and fast moving flows to room-temp yin with long holds.

The Cork Block 3


The Cork Block 3 lengthens, strengthens, and supports you and invites you to deepen your practice. Made with 100% cork, the Cork Block 3 is smaller than the standard yoga block to give the same great support, with a more subtle lift – and is the perfect addition to your outdoor yoga practice as it’s lighter than your traditional yoga block.

The Freedom Wheel


The Freedom Wheel is something out of a storybook. Designed to deepen your asana practice, The Freedom Wheel invites you to open your heart, shoulders and chest as you rest your back on this uniquely crafted cork wheel, you’ll feel supported by the Earth and the heavenly wheel.

The Mat Strap


The Mat Strap is our go-to as we carry our yoga mat from the forest to the beach. Handcrafted The Mat Strap is designed for you to move with ease to your indoor space and outdoor practice. The lovely strap is handcrafted with vegetable-tanned vegan leather. 

The Calm Bolster


The Calm Bolster will be your new best friend. As you move your body outdoors, The Calm Bolster is here to support you during restorative, nidra, and gentle flow sessions. Lift the hips while seated, open the heart while in savasana, or create a cushioned lift during forward folds. The Calm Bolster will leave you feeling cared for and stable.

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