Jeanne Beker


Launching Let’s Talk About: Chatting Fashion With Jeanne Beker

Happy (almost) International Women’s Day! Tomorrow on our very first episode of Let’s Talk About, Editor-in-Chief Elise Gasbarrino chats with industry icon Jeanne Beker about all things fashion.
Beker is a journalist, author, the host of her own podcast Beyond Style Matters, and the host of Style Matters for Today’s Shopping Choice.
On Let’s Talk About, Beker speaks on the difference between style and fashion, being empowered by what you wear, and feeling good about yourself in your clothes on a daily basis. While the idea of being “uncomfortable” can be good in the name of style, Beker stands behind women needing to be comfortable with themselves first.
Unsurprisingly, women’s empowerment in fashion is something the legendary Fashion Television host is passionate about, as well as the importance of utilizing fashion as a source of inspiration and motivation during the pandemic.
On the topic of dressing for a post-COVID world, Beker let us in on her hopes for “some semblance of normalcy”:
“There will be a kind of renaissance, and I think a lot of us will take advantage of really putting our best foot forward and really strutting it and celebrating ourselves, and just celebrating the spirit of humanity.”
Jeanne Beker

Jeanne Beker

While Beker continues to ponder her closet full of stilettos that she’s “dying to put on again”, she also recognizes the fact that a little “discomfort in the fashion arena” has become less exciting to those who resorted to being “comfortable forever” as a result of stay-home orders.
Needless to say, we’re so with Jeanne when she says, “I want to stand on my toes again and drink a few martinis”.
To listen to the very first episode of Let’s Talk About, search “Let’s Talk About” on any major streaming platform and for more information, head over to our podcast homepage, here.

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