Raquel DaSilva’s Best Beauty Tips

We sat down with Canadian beauty expert Raquel DaSilva, founder of LASHGOD, who is sharing her most treasured beauty tips and hacks that keep her looking fab and feeling confident everyday!

What you put into your body matters (a lot!)

Hydrated skin is happy skin! I use all natural skincare products that regenerate my skin’s microbiome through the use of minerals and hydrating formulas. I look for products that contain hyaluronic acid as it is a humectant that binds to water, making skin look plump and dewy. And I know we’ve all heard this before – but I have to say it again! It’s essential to drink lots of water. I aim to drink 3L of water per day to keep my skin looking and feeling its best.

Also what you eat has the biggest impact on your overall glow – my diet is 100% plant based and I try to strictly eat organic. I eat a ton of avocados, beans, nuts and seeds which are all essential to my daily nutrition and contain vitamins and minerals that help to keep my skin looking fresh and radiant.  I personally love One Life Meals – they are one of Canada’s leading providers of meal subscription boxes and make eating nutritious foods super easy. It’s also a very convenient way for me to eat well during a busy week.

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Sleep is Key

It’s time to hit snooze friends. The sun, environmental pollution, blue light and other daily stresses can cause havoc to skin, so getting a good night’s rest is super important to me. I make sure to get around 8 hours of sleep each night, which allows my skin (and entire body) to rest, regenerate and repair itself.

I’ve also trained myself to sleep on my back to prevent my skin from wrinkling, and prevent lash extensions as well as lash lift curls from being damaged. Sleeping on your side/front can also damage and cause the loss of natural lashes. 

I sleep with a silk pillowcase which is less absorbent than cotton to help retain skin’s moisture, preventing fine lines and wrinkles from developing. Silk pillowcases are also super gentle on the hair, which prevents breakage and tangles throughout the night.

Keep Your Nail Game Strong

I always have my nails done, no matter what. Even if I’m rocking minimal makeup and messy hair, having my nails done makes me feel (and look) more polished. We use our hands all day long so people always notice them, having a fun design or simple french mani keeps your vibe chic. 

While we’re talking about nails – one question that I regularly get asked is how to improve the strength of your nails. Applying a thin layer of Biogel is my go-to move to preventing breakage and keeping nails healthy and strong. I also apply cuticle oil every night before bed.

Photo credit @nailgodtoronto

Becky With The Good Hair

I invest in professional hair care products that contain high-quality ingredients such as Argan Oil, which adds shine and helps reduce damage and dryness. It’s also a key ingredient to use if you regularly colour your hair, like I do! 

Changing up my hair regularly, from adding a cool pop of colour to trying out a new hair styling technique, is one of my favourite ways to keep my look fresh and exciting. 

Sweat it Out!

I make it a priority to go to the gym a minimum of 5 hours per week and do a combination of gymnastics, weight lifting, cardio or even rock-climbing! I like to switch it up and add variety.  When working out, humans release “endorphins,” which personally helps me feel great and confident, and I’ve noticed that it also helps improve my work ethic and creativity. I add my workouts to my calendar, which helps me stay accountable and ensure that I book this time “off” for myself.

Above all, the most important beauty tip of all is to love yourself and be confident in who you are. Radiating positive energy, and making others feel good, is one of the most beautiful things we can do. 

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Founded by Canadian entrepreneur Raquel DaSilva in 2018 at age 21, LASHGOD is a Canadian beauty company that designs, produces and retails professional eyelash and eyelash extension products through its robust e-commerce retail business The company also offers premium, trend-forward eyelash extension and beauty services at its two storefront/salon locations in Toronto – LASHGOD Don Mills (1310 Don Mills Rd.) and LASHGOD Yorkville (236 Avenue Rd.) The Yorkville location is also the headquarters for Modern Aesthetics College training. All LASHGOD lashes are vegan and hypoallergenic.

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