STYLE Canada Changemaker Liza Deyrmenjian

With 30 years of industry experience and expertise, Liza Deyrmenjian has dedicated her career to improving and progressing the world of fashion. After crafting an invaluable skill set and business sense in the garment, textile, and manufacturing industries, she was ready to put her knowledge into a new business that would change how fashion/design students learned. Liza wanted to find a way to break the traditional molds of 1-year certificates and 3-year diplomas, which consist of what she considered ‘filler classes’ to keep the institutions thriving but keep students indebted to student loans and potentially uninspired by the time they received their cap and gown. This desire to create something better led her to open The Cut Design Academy (TCDA)

TCDA is the only accredited educational institution that offers diploma and certificate course customization with a 1:8 teacher-student ratio. Offering in-person, virtual-live, and virtual-recorded courses, TCDA has prioritized accessibility since its inception, ensuring that everyone, no matter their ability or financial situation, can receive an education that will improve quality of life through career possibilities and higher wages. 

Liza is committed to inspiring, educating and creating true fashion and business professionals who value quality and creativity, eschew fast fashion mentality and profiteering, and promote academic excellence through rigorous programs and a unique learner-centered environment. 

Bold, innovative, and current, Liza speaks to the philosophy of now – creating sustainability, zero-waste, equity, transparency, and authenticity in the garment industry. TCDA boasts diverse, professional instructors, with classes that focus on fashion design and production skills, as well as marketing, sales, networking, and business skills. Students become creative and adaptable professionals with tools to build their own brands and careers in the industry.

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