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We’ve heard story after story about entrepreneurs creating a product or service out of necessity in their own lives. Over the course of the pandemic, we’ve heard more about it than ever before. 

It’s not hard to imagine why novice business owners would try and solve an issue with their own solution in COVID times, especially if it could drum-up some extra cash. But for Stylephotos co-founder Khasan Aripov, becoming that solution was well-within reach – before he even knew it.

It all started when Aripov sat across from a pile of 400 designer scarves he was supposed to sell through his family’s boutique, Original Luxury, frustrated over the fact that he didn’t have equipment to properly photograph them. He wasn’t up to paying a photo studio’s high rate either. 

So, he attempted a D.I.Y job himself but failed miserably. In order to complete the task of photographing the products, he was able to locate an automated system which  allowed the products to be photographed timely and efficiently in a matter of days, instead of weeks. 

The Original Luxury team knew they could compete with other retailers with this technology, offering better pricing since the overhead costs were so low. By late 2018, Stylephotos was up and running, and who could’ve known it would be perfect timing? 

COVID-19’s impact on the apparel industry has forced many companies to expand into e-commerce, and that’s where Stylephotos comes in.

Stylephotos co-founders Khasan and Husan Aripov

For massive Canadian retailers like Canadian Tire, Mark’s and Hockey Life, Aripov and his team shoot high-quality photo and video content with the help of technologically advanced machinery as well as proprietary software solutions. 

Brands can also rent Stylephotos machines that shoot clear photo stills and 4k videos within minutes. Everything is auto-edited upon export, primed and ready for e-commerce on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and other platforms.

With social distancing restrictions in place, Aripov’s fully contactless e-commerce studio dramatically reduces the cost of traditional photography and videography services, helping businesses of all sizes improve their bottom line. Based on results from a recent customer survey, clients saw a 24 per cent increase in overall sales due to increased content quality.

Stylephotos not only reduces wait times for products to be ready, it also eliminates the need for extensive post-production and human error, ensuring consistent content for all clients. From walk-in closet sized cameras for shooting large objects to horizontal cameras that are ideal for flat lay photography, Aripov and his team have every pillar of e-commerce covered.

Today, clients can take advantage of the company-developed software that allows them to create their own style guide, which instructs Stylephotos’ photographers on how to capture images exactly the way customers want. This way, every machine operator knows which light, shadow, and angles have to be maintained. 

With new innovations on the way, Stylephotos is set to redefine what a “one stop shop” is when it comes to full-service content creation studios. We’re just excited to see what comes next. 

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