#TeamPicks from our Content Coordinator, Prashanthy Uthayakumar

There is something about Covid-19 that has allowed people to discover new things. Whether that’s a new hobby, food, style, etc., people have been ready to explore. Our Content Coordinator here at STYLE Canada, Prashanthy Uthayakumar, has also been on that path and learned a lot of new things about herself. Here’s a list of her favourite finds that you may also enjoy!

Letter Detail Corduroy Tote Bag

“I have seen a lot of people using tote bags recently and wanted to get one for myself. The usual canvas-like tote bags didn’t seem sturdy to me and I wanted something with a zipper. I found this one on Shein called Letter Detail Corduroy Tote Bag. It’s a perfect size. I am able to fit my laptop with extra room to carry books and my purse. The two straps are useful to switch between and I love the corduroy. Also, the colour is also a big change for me as I always lean towards a classic black bag.”

Source: Shein Canada


“Sometimes spontaneous decisions turn out as the best decisions ever. After my friends and I grabbed dinner, we decided to satisfy our sweet tooth and went to the closest dessert place. When we got our order and had our first bite, I couldn’t think of anything else except for how I had not known of croffles before. A croffle is a croissant pressed in a waffle iron that can be served with any toppings. Our croffle was served with maple syrup and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The pairing of warm buttery croissants that had a crispy layer, with the sweetness of the syrup and ice cream was truly a heavenly experience.”

The Midnight Library by Matt Haig

“They say never judge a book by its cover, but I did just that! I happened to land on the side of Book TikTok where I kept seeing The Midnight Library by Matt Haig. I loved the cover but because reading was not a hobby of mine I didn’t think of buying it until I saw it for the 10th time. The book was not what I expected. The story follows a woman experiences a life-changing moment that makes her realize that her life is worth living. I recommend that everyone should read this book. It changed my perspective on how I see life, especially about having regrets that we truly have no control over. Definitely a great read!”

Source: Amazon Canada


“Recently, I’ve been discovering my taste in music. I use to listen to whatever played on the radio and that’s about it. Now, I’ve been exploring music from Frank Sinatra to Harry Styles. I can’t pinpoint what genre I’m drawn to but I know that I enjoy a song with great lyrics. Here’s a playlist of some songs that I currently enjoy that you may like too:”

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