The 2021 Digital Fringe Festival

The 2021 Toronto Fringe Festival was digital and readily available whether you live in Toronto, the GTA, elsewhere in Canada, or globally.

This year, the festival was divided into four categories:

Fringe Primetime: live digital theatre experiences enjoyed synchronously, with other audience members.

Fringe On-Demand: a series of pre-recorded shows that you can stream anytime, over the course of the festival.

KidsFest On-Demand: a series of pre-recorded shows for children and their parents.

PostScript Live(Stream): a digital Fringe patio experience, consisting of Facebook Live events and a virtual reality patio space on

Here are a few of our favourite productions that were featured in the past week:

1. In Transit


2. At the End of the Day


3. Every Young Adult Novel Ever: The Musical 


4. To Bee or Not to Bee


5. The Incredible Adventures of That Nice Canajun Girl


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