This Summer’s Most Coveted Fashion Trends

The fun, colourful and quirky retro fashions that made a splash for spring continue to brighten our day and our wardrobes for summer.

After 2020’s muted pastels and formless casualwear, 2021 is a reawakening for all things bright, vibrant and eye-catching.

Below, we’ve listed the top five summer fashion trends that are making a statement this season.

#1: Hawaiian Print

Via Pinterest

The early 2000’s surf culture is making waves this Summer with Hawaiian and tropical print on dresses, skirts, and halters.

SHOP IT: Shein Halter Neck Dress, $13 CAD

SHOP IT: Omighty Hibiscus Halter Top, $60 CAD

#2: Platform Sandals

Via Pinterest

A shoe fit for any Spice Girl ‘wannabe’ at heart, platform sandals are back this Summer and perfectly compliment the bright colourful styles of the season.

SHOP IT:  Shein Slip-On Platform Sandals, $32 CAD

SHOP IT:  Naked Wolfe Jada White Sandals, $249 CAD

#3: Patterned Mini Skirts

Via Pinterest

Mini skirts peaked in the swinging 60’s in London and have returned this summer in retro floral patterns reminiscent of that era. Pair with white go-go style platform boots or platform sandals for the ultimate vintage look.

SHOP IT: UO Rosie Notched Pelmet Mini Skirt $64 CAD

SHOP IT: PepperMayo Brady Mini Skirt, $56 CAD

#4: Bright Vibrant Colours

Via Pinterest

In spring, we saw orange and green come into fashion, with orange still largely at the forefront. This summer, pinks that pop and electric bold blues are dominating our Instagram explore page.

SHOP IT: BooHoo Brights Deep Cuff Relaxed Fit Shirt, $32.50 CAD

SHOP IT: Pretty Little Thing Pink Blazer, $75 CAD

#5: Collared Jumpsuits and Rompers

Via Pinterest

A continuation of the 60’s and 70’s styles that have carried over from spring fashion, collared jumpsuits and rompers were the thing to wear at the disco in the 70’s. Now, jumpsuits and rompers are the thing to wear, anywhere.

SHOP IT: Frankies Bikinis Rose Terry Romper, $185 CAD

SHOP IT: Jaded LDN Blue Playsuit, $82 CAD

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