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#TrendingInCanada: Tie-Dye

Tie-dye seems to hold a special place in summer wardrobes across the nation. A bright, colourful, and casual staple, Canadian fashionistas are pulling it back out of their closets in preparation for the season.

Dressed up or dressed down, tie-dye has appeared on airy blouses, classic tees, and even dresses in the last week. Check out our favourite looks below.

Also, don’t forget to show us what you’re wearing on Instagram by using the hashtag #TrendingInCanada!

1) Boardwalk-Ready

@martametuk via Instagram

2) Disco Darling

@s.o.nya__ via Instagram

3) Lakeside Looker

@flametzkloset via Instagram

4) Mommy & Me

@thefunfashionista via Instagram

5) Go-Go Girl

@sofiapltx via Instagram

6) Lounge Attire

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