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#TrendingInMontreal: Fleece Jackets

#TrendingInMontreal: Fleece Jackets

#TrendingInMontreal: Fleece Jackets. This week on our #TrendingIn Series, we’re heading to Montreal. Winter weather is all about feeling warm and cozy, and these types of jackets or sweatshirts are all you would like to wear. If you’re wondering how to style these pieces, check out the top fashion influencers and get some inspo! Don’t forget to show us how you mix & match your Fleece Jackets by using the hashtags #TrendingInMontreal and #TrendingInCanada!

Long Fleece Overshirt


Source: @jessmegan

Undoubtedly, this fleece overshirt is one of our favourites this time, its warm, cozy and cute, perfect for the holidays.

Fleece Puffer Jacket


Source: @vanessa.anna

Secondly, we have a fleece puffer jacket that will make your outfit look trendy and comfy at the same time, making you feel warm and fashion.

Fleece Sweatshirt


Source: @leajplf

The third option we have of our #TrendingInMontreal: Fleece Jackets is this fleece bicolor sweatshirt, you can style the with a pair of jeans and cute UGGS and you will create the most comfy and trendy outfit of the moment.

Fleece Short Jacket


Source: @demidiamandis

We know fleece can be anywhere, this jacket has the details on the inside and that will make it warmer. Match it with you favourite skirt and boots!

Fleece Vest


Source: @hayerelola

Last but not least, fleece vests, are awesome and stylish, you can enhance your outfit by adding one vest and also you will make it warmer!

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