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5 Ways to Purify Your Home

As welcome in a new season, and the kiddos find their rhythm back at school, running noses and floating germs are ever-present in the air we breathe. With all-time low air quality warnings (remember those forest fires this summer?), we’re forever finding ways to purify the air that ebbs and flows into our homes.

Here, we provide you with a curated list of goods that are here to purify the air we breathe! 

Dyson's Purifier Humidify+Cool

Photo credit: Dyson
Photo credit: Dyson

When we think of cleaning the air in our home, we think of Dyson. The PH03 purifies and hygienically humidifies your space. Its activated carbon filter neutralises gases, its HEPA filter captures 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns, and the Air Multiplier™ technology then projects purified, humidified air throughout the room – cooling you when required. The sleek design reminds us that we’re now living in a clean, pure home.

The Simba® Hybrid Pillow

Photo credit: Simba
Photo credit: Simba

Keep a cool head with Simba’s® impeccably designed Pillow. With space-inspired temperature regulation and adjustable height and firmness, expect a sleep each and every night, that’s out of this world. The best part yet? Simba’s pillow is CertiPUR certified; meaning that it’s free of heavy metals and dyes harmful to you and the environment. We know you’ll sleep well on this sustainable pillow.

Laifen Swift SE Hairdryer

Photo credit: Laifen

Damage control on our hair, in our home with the incredible Laifen Swift SE Hairdryer. This uniquely designed hairdryer features strong airflows and thermos control technology to dry hair faster. Utilizing this ionic technology, the dryer repels water, locks in moisture, and imparts a healthy, natural shine to bid farewell to frizzy, air-polluted hair.

Purify with Plants

Photo credit: Plantsome.ca
Photo credit: Plantsome.ca

The easiest way to purify for your home? Buy some plants! This snake plant (also known as Mother-in-Law’s Tongue), releases oxygen while you’re resting your head on your new Simba pillow. We love this plant (and every plant) because it’s best known to filter the air of formaldehyde, xylene, benzene, toluene, and trichloroethylene.

Clean Floors with Proscenic

Photo credit: Proscenic

The super powerful suction of Prosenica’s 850T Robot Vacuum meets all your needs by sucking all the dust, hairs, and garbage with ease. This simple to use vacuum is designed for you to clean your floors the robotic way, and with its 2-in-1 water tank and dust box, the vacuum is also a mop, which effectively removes fine dust that vacuuming alone may miss.

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