the pearle hotel and spa
Source: The Pearle Hotel


What we did in 2022: Launched our Destination Series

Here is a our series “What we did in 2022” that takes a look back at some of our biggest happenings in 2022 as STYLE Canada. With all its highs and lows 2022 was a fun year but it’s now time to welcome 2023!!! So, this is our last goodbye to everyhting we have done as STYLE Canada in 2022! We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!!!

In 2022, we had our #CheckedIn and Destination series where we get you all the inside scoop on unique destinations around the world. We take the stress out of planning your perfect getaway (or staycation!) by sharing the trendiest accommodations, unreal restaurants, and provide you with a list of the must see spots and hidden gems at each destination. Travel the world with us, we know you’ll have the best time!

Destinaiton: Victoria, BC

destination series victoria bc

Source: Style Canada

Our first Destination series we took you on was a journey through Victoria, British Columbia. You can also find the Youtube vlog of this Destination Series on our Youtube Channel!

#CheckedIn: Residence Inn by Marriott Calgary

checkedin marriott calgary

Source: Residence Inn by Marriott Calgary

This summer STYLE Canada checked-in to the Residence Inn by Marriott Calgary Downtown/Beltline District for a getaway in the heart of the city. We had the opportunity to get the story behind all the hotels details from Area Director, Tim Ostrem. Tim and his team have thought of EVERYTHING to make your stay here truly a unique one. On top of this, Atlific Hotels manages Residence in by Marriott Calgary Downtown. Read on for the full experience below.

#CheckedIn: The Pearle Hotel and Spa

STYLE Canada checked-into The Pearle Hotel & Spa for a getaway along the waterfront in historic Burlington.

the pearle hotel and spa

Source: The Pearle Hotel

#CheckedIn: The Gladstone House

STYLE Canada checked-into the Gladstone House for a weekend getaway in the city.

gladstone hotel

Source: The Gladstone Hotel

#CheckeddIn: The VanderMarck Boutique Hotel

STYLE Canada checked-into The VanderMarck Boutique Hotel for the ultimate staycation.

vandermarck hotel checkedin

Source: The VanderMarck Hotel

#CheckeddIn: Langdon Hall Country House Hotel & Spa

STYLE Canada had the opportunity to check-in at Langdon Hall Country House Hotel & Spa and what an experience it was.

langdon hall checkedin

Source: Langdon Hall


#CheckeddIn: The Lakeside Motel

STYLE Canada checked-into The Lakeside Motel for the ultimate staycation.


Source: Lakeside Motel

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