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What’s In Your Wardrobe? Maria José

What’s In Your Wardrobe is a new series by STYLE Canada that takes you inside the wardrobes of the most stylish people we know. Get an inside look at what they do to keep their clothes fresh, closets updated, and confidence in check. Meet this week’s stylish host, Maria José.


SC: Where do you buy your essentials/everyday pieces?

MJ: Zara and Aritzia are my go-to for monochromatic sets. Pretty Little Thing and Meshki are great for flattering, shape-hugging bodysuits and dresses. Brunette the Label has some of the coziest sweats so they are always a favourite for comfortable basic staples.

SC: What accessories are you willing to splurge on? 

MJ: Anything that holds its value over time. Handbags and wallets. 

SC: What are some things you look for in a clothing brand before purchasing something?

MJ: My mother is a designer and a seamstress. Quality in stitching, cut and fit is ingrained in my brain. I always check for those before purchasing clothing items. I also love brands that do good. The fashion sector is a top polluter and although it is a difficult problem to tackle, brands who put in authentic effort into being part of the solution are attracted to buy from. 

SC: What’s the one item you wear with almost anything/style 1000 different ways?

MJ: At the beginning of winter 2020, I purchased my first MoonBoot pair. Now I can’t remember life without them. They are the perfect shade of tan and off-white. I wore them to death and styled them 1000 different ways throughout the winter.


SC: What are some of your favourite pieces in your closet you can’t live without?

MJ: My tailored wool coats because. They are perfect for layering and my silk or cotton blouses. Also, my La Perla corset that I found in a hole-in-the-wall boutique in France.  It’s an iconic piece for 

SC: Where do you go to find unique pieces for your wardrobe?

MJ: I love keeping an eye out on vintage online boutiques like sororité. They carry one-of-a-kind pieces that are good quality, classic and versatile. Always Smithen by Tory Burch and her loud, yet tame prints and classic cuts. I’ve also had luck with little local and overseas boutiques. They often carry one-off items that you can’t find anywhere else. 

SC: What do you do with an item in your closet you don’t want to get rid of but never reach for?

MJ: There is a special place for those in my closet and they will remain there probably forever. The heart wants what the heart wants. 

SC: Do you like rocking thrift pieces or vintage pieces or pieces from new collections?

MJ: All of the above. I wish I put more effort into thrifting but I find it easier to buy new because it’s so accessible via newsletter, website and Instagram. When I see a piece I love online I screenshot a photo and throw it into the notes section of my phone. My wish list. When I’m ready to splurge, every item I love is already there. Hard to do that with thrift and vintage clothing. 

SC: Do you ever keep clothing pieces because of sentimental reasons?

MJ: Yes. I am that person a hundred percent. If something monumental happened while I was wearing a particular piece, I never get rid of it, ever. With that said, I don’t like hoarding my clothes and will donate and re-sell pieces without sentimental attachments every year.

SC: On a day you need a pick-me-up, what’s your go-to ensemble? 

MJ: Depends on the occasion, but usually, my La Perla corset with tan trousers, sock ankle boots accessorized with layers of gold crunchy and thick gold chains does the trick. 


SC: WFH essential item? 

MJ: Crewneck sweater. 

SC: Do you have a fetish for a certain kind of item? 

MJ: Bodysuits make me feel sexy. Layer them under a power suit and it’s game over. I love the mix of soft feminine lingerie and masculine, slightly oversized power suits. That’s more than just one item but I guess you can say I have a fetish for this specific combo. It’s lethal. 

SC: What do you use to keep your wardrobe fresh? 

MJ:  Working in the influencer space with a focus on fashion requires a lot of wardrobe editing. I usually have a major clothing sale at the end of the summer season to clear out room for items that I’m tired of or never wear. I love donating good-quality staple pieces as well. I would say that I have 20-30 core pieces that I constantly wear. Classic items that never go out of style. I hold on to those year after year. Everything else is fair game to get rid of and add new pieces to mix and match with the core items. 

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