#WhatWeAreWatching on Netflix: Travel Edition

1.  Down to Earth


Follow Zac Efron as he travels the world with wellness expert, Darin Olien, in hopes to explore a more sustainable and healthy way of living.

2. The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals


Three travelers take us to vacation rentals of their own choosing, each with a different travel budget in mind. Not only do we get a taste of various travel styles, we also get expert tips and travel tricks from this show as well!

3. Street Food: Asia


Follow the host as he takes us on a street food journey across nine different cities in Asia. In each episode we get to see delicious street food being prepared right in front of us as well as learning a bit of back story from each chef and their past experiences.

4. Somebody Feed Phil


Phil Rosenthal, creator of “Everybody Loves Raymond” travels the globe and takes us along with him to explore the local cuisine and culture of magnificent places such as Bangkok, Lisbon and more- all without leaving our couch!

5. Desperados


Follow three best friends as they travel to Mexico on a spontaneous trip to salvage love. While there, they will question love, friendship and what truly matters. A bonus to this funny, girls weekend movie: you get to take in the beautiful sites of Mexico.

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