Why We Need To Stop Trying To Be “Productive” All The Time

Are you finding yourself feeling overwhelmed and stressed because you’re always busy? It’s an endless cycle that can leave you feeling like you’re stranded out at sea, constantly treading water just to stay afloat with no land in sight. Perhaps you feel you’re always hustling and forcing your way to the next goal. It’s become super common in our society to glorify overworking and romanticize “grinding” or “hustling” but it’s clearly not actually great for you, your health, your family, and your personal or professional life. 

Makhosi Nejeser, known as “The Royal Shaman” is a spiritual advisor/guide to high achieving entrepreneurs and is very familiar with the toxic hustle culture that has developed in the world today. She helps conscious leaders to create more success in alignment with their purpose without continuing to sacrifice their personal freedoms, depths of relationships, or impact they have on the world. Here’s what she had to say.

False Beliefs Surrounding The Hustle Mentality: 

If I don’t hustle I won’t make money
Productivity increases when you also rest
Focus creates Mastery, increasing your value 
If I don’t work hard, I’m lazy

We’ve been misled by hustle culture and conditioned to tie our value to our productivity. Our value is not your output but your unique contribution because of WHO YOU ARE. 

A lot of us have equated our value as human beings with our value to produce. It’s really based around how much I can output versus who I am and what I am contributing. Somewhere along the way we forgot we are not robots. When we let go of the constant need to be doing, we can actually contribute more and experience more fulfillment.

We’re tying our value to production instead of what we are actually experiencing in the process. We’re meant to enjoy life. A lot of us forget that and we need to be reminded.

Tips To Shift Out of Toxic Hustle And Into Flow 

Photo provided by Makohosi Nejeser

Embrace a Day of Nothing

This doesn’t have to be an entire day. Trust knowing that whatever is the largest amount of time you can carve out is a great place to start. Some guidelines to make your day a success include not using electronics, having food ready that doesn’t take a lot of preparation, creating an environment for relaxation, and low stimulation activity can be fine. This is your opportunity to try journaling or an adult coloring book, or a relaxing bath. 

Focus on the 20% that creates 80% of results – Be Intentional. 

You’ve probably noticed that your “To-Do” list could literally go on into eternity because there are countless things that you COULD be doing. Instead of pressuring yourself with all of the things that you think you “have” to do, prioritize no more than 3 to 5 tasks each day that ACTUALLY move the needle forward & let go of the rest.

Make time & space for activities that light you up. 

Our society has done a great job making us believe that if we aren’t being productive, we aren’t valuable. It’s for this reason, you may have let go of some of the activities that actually bring you joy because they aren’t moving you closer to any “goal”. We are here to experience all of what it means to be human, not JUST to produce like machines. 

Allow yourself to Ask for & Receive support 

Now this one can be one of the most difficult because most of us have been conditioned to believe that to “need help” means something negative about us, however, we are meant to be collaborative beings! The way we currently operate, where neighbors tend to not even know each others’ names, is extremely out of alignment with our innate nature. If you struggle with this, start by simply asking for help with little things; maybe ask a colleague for advice or ask someone to hold a door open for you (or simply just allow a door to be held open for you!)  

Find Gratitude in the NOW

Usually what keeps us in a toxic-hustle-mode is either running from fear of repeating something that we experienced in the past or constantly chasing a future we imagine for ourselves. This creates inside of us an ongoing feeling of suffering because we aren’t actually in our past or the future & we find ourselves challenged to ACTUALLY be present in this moment. Without breaking this pattern, I can guarantee that you will never find lasting fulfillment and will likely look back on your life with nothing but regret for never truly appreciating the moments that make life worth living. Start by taking just 5 minutes each morning to write down or speak aloud 3 to 5 things you’re grateful for, why you’re grateful for them and how they make you feel. 

Remember, you’re here to live FULLY & experience DEEPLY; space & time are your Birthright. 

Makhosi Hefisah Nejeser, The Royal Shaman, is the world-leading African Shaman specializing in spiritual business strategy and wealth energetics. She is a human potential expert and soul ascension master. Makhosi guides individuals to create powerful transformations that amplify impact, and she teaches high performers to achieve limitless abundance beyond success.

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