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*Contest Alert!*: Have A Self-Love Affair With b:Well And STYLE Canada

‘Tis the season to be smitten! This February, we’re honouring our commitment to help Canadians live fully with a Self-Love Affair Contest in collaboration with b:Well. Every Tuesday, you have a chance to win a special prize from one of b:Well’s favourite partners. Join us in the fun on Instagram.

Juliana Ciccarelli, Maya Oczeretko, and Olivia Shin were working together at Toronto-based consulting company and design firm Idea Couture when they began to bond over a shared interest in the mysterious world of modern wellness. With backgrounds in marketing, research, tech, advertising, branding, and product design, they occupied very different roles within the business. Though the desire to optimize their lives through practices of self-love and care led them to create Toronto’s first modern wellness club; b:Well.

b:Well is the fruit of the friendship formed between Ciccarelli, Oczeretko, and Shin – a members-only digital community of wellness lovers looking to elevate their overall health through participating in exclusive workshops and events. A b:Well membership also gets you a year’s worth of savings on a curated selection of “future-forward” experiences and brands – ones that identify signals of change and position themselves in the direction that the wellness indsutry is headed.

With a b:Well VIP membership, you have access to a $50 gift card from sustainable clothing brand Free Flow Active, 20 per cent off Hoame Meditation Studio sessions, 15 per cent off Misfit Studio classes and BOLO services, and 10 per cent off products from The Detox Market and Noah’s Natural Foods. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well, if its your first time hearing about b:Well, we can understand why it does. So, we asked our lovely partners in the Self-Love Affair Contest for all the details to help put your mind at ease.

Scroll to learn more about b:Well and how to win a Self-Love Affair Contest prize. Keep an eye on our Instagram too!

SC: How did you come into your wellness journeys? 

M: My passion for wellness started in the food space after years of working in marketing and innovation for some of the world’s biggest brands. It taught me a lot about how complex our food system is and led me down a path to holistic nutrition. From there, my journey took me to other wellness modalities like yoga and meditation. Feeling the incredible benefits of living a holistic lifestyle was eye-opening and bloomed into a passion for sharing it with others.

J: My wellness journey was really rooted in me from when I was young. I was fascinated by how health and biology worked together and in school I started my degree in biomedicine. I always knew I wanted a high quality of life for as long as possible, and I began using my knowledge to try to make this a reality. As I grew, I learned that there were so many other facets that contributed to wellness than those that are physical and mental. I began to prioritize incorporating wellness into my life through balance. I am a Libra, after all!

O: I grew up with my dad, who is a Korean medicine doctor. The way he approached treating his patients was from looking into the root of problems instead of looking for short term solutions. This perspective really resonated with me since I was young and I realized that it can be applied to different pillars of wellness. Physical, emotional, and nutritional wellness.

SC: What makes b:Well different from other wellness platforms/communities that offer exclusive access to discounts and amenities?

b:Well: It’s our access. We have established some amazing partnerships within the wellness space in Toronto and we acknowledge how daunting the journey can be with information and product overload. Our approach is to make things as easy and accessible as possible, whether that be through educational content, community experiences, or exclusive discounts to make trying new products more affordable.


SC: Is a b:Well membership valid only in Toronto? Do you have plans to expand outside the city?

b:Well: Many of our codes can be used online and outside of Toronto, though our experiences and physical store-partners are based in the Toronto area. We’re definitely interested in expanding our footprint, but, we’re really focused on building a strong foundation in the market we know best right now.


SC: What is factored into the price of a $68 membership and how did you come to that number? (Besides what we already know about having a membership to b:Well – discounts, events, etc.)

b:Well: We wanted our membership to be affordable for everyone. At less than six dollars a month, it’s pretty much the price of a latte. We wanted the cost of the membership to pay for itself with the savings and discounts from all of our incredible wellness partners.

Scroll to learn more about b:Well and how to win a Self-Love Affair Contest prize. Keep an eye on our Instagram too!

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