What’s Up With Crystal Healing?

The traditional methods of crystal healing has been around for centuries, and more recently found its way in mainstream culture thanks to the likes of GP and the people at Goop.

Here are a few tricks of the trade on selecting crystals and bringing their positive energy to you through meditation and mindfulness.

Finding A Perfect Crystal

It’s like looking for a diamond in the rough, except we’re not looking for diamonds, and the more points and marks on a crystal, the better. Our recommendation is to visit a crystal shop and pick up a few, feel their texture, read their healing properties and see if they fit your mood

Read & Learn

Some crystals having very powerful healing properties, we highly recommend reading and learning about the practice of crystal healing before you radiate energy from them to you. Our favourite book is The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall, as it provides you with a perfect balance of learning and doing to align your mind, body and soul to the magic of crystals.

Program Your Crystals

When you first receive your crystals, set an intention for their use. Hold them in your palm and repeat “I dedicate this crystal to the highest being of all. May it bring love and light. I program this crystal for (your purpose)”

Bring Harmony to Your Being

Place crystals in eyesight to remind yourself of the calm they intentionally bring to you. Crystals may also be placed on your chakras, depending on their healing properties. Each crystal has a different healing property and position to be placed on the chakras or throughout your home. Learn more about where to place your crystal through the reading you do.

Cleanse Your Crystals

The energy that radiates from a crystal can be profound, and for you to benefit from the healing properties of them, they must be cleansed of the positive and negative energy that radiates through them.

Typical cleansing techniques include:
Himalayan Sea Salt Cleanse: Fill a bowl with sea salt, and bury the crystal in the salt. Leave for a few hours or overnight and rinse. Do not re-use the salt to cleanse as it has absorbed negative and unwanted energies.
Smudging: Use a Smudge Stick or Incense Stick and hold the crystal in the smoke to cleanse the crystals stored energy. Smudge for 20-30 seconds.

Some of our Favourites

Rose Quartz | The love crystal. Position over heart.
Amethyst | Brings calm to your life. Place under your pillow for a sound sleep.
Quartz | Balance and intention setting. Place in the palm of your hands during meditation.

Contributor: Melaina Gasbarrino, Founder SALT to TREE
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