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The Detox Market Wellness Shop Toronto is a pop-up turned staple wellness shop in Toronto, provides Torontinas with the cleanest, most effective natural products from around the globe. We had the pleasure of sitting down with Laura Townsend, the Marketing Director at The Detox Market to learn more about the store and some of her favourite natural products.

Tell Us About The Detox Market in Toronto:

The Detox Market is the place to go for all your natural beauty/lifestyle needs. We love to share stories about where our products come from and how awesome each individual brand is.

The company started in LA and branched out to Toronto as a pop-up beauty boutique, now five years later we have 2 brick and mortars in LA and Toronto (in Yorkville and King West) and will be growing to 3 locations in LA and TO within the year.

Through educational offerings like mini-facials, community events and master beauty classes, we create a sense of community online and in-store to engage our guests in the full-on natural product experience.

And your story, how do you fit into The Detox Market?

I started out in the fashion industry and later went to school for alternative medicine. One day I strolled by The Detox Market, connected with the team, and the rest as they say, is history. As the Marketing & Operations Manager, I oversee the operations of our Toronto locations. Whether I’m at the shop, in a meeting or working from a café down the street, I love how The Detox Market has so many options for people in one spot. It certainly has evolved into the ‘it’ spot for natural products in Toronto.

How are the brands selected for your collections?

The curation process is quite detailed. We want to ensure our products are made of the finest quality and are always on the lookout for new and upcoming brands. We take the time to immerse ourselves in their culture; we learn their story, research the ingredients, test the products, and really form a strong partnership with each company we work with. As natural beauty is the fastest growing segment of the beauty industry world wide, we ensure all our brands are unique and are the most natural/safe/effective products out there.

What’s up with the Toxic List?

We created the Toxic List to be transparent with our customers by educating them about toxic chemicals in beauty products. The list ensures we place an emphasis on curating only the best products and truly understanding the creation process.

Right now, what’re your favourite brands?

I literally have The Detox Market in my bathroom. I continually switch between different cleansers, moisturizers and shampoos as I love to test out all the products we have.

Favourite Skincare: Odacite Serums

Favourite Deodrant: Meow Meow

Favourite Makeup: W3ll People

How should we start off our morning?

With all the different skin types, we find it’s best to come into the shop to so that we can really understand your skin, for you to test out some products and get to the bottom of what works for you.

Here’s my quick and simple morning cleansing routine:

  1. Start with a gentle, hydrating, soothing cleanser like Odacite’s line
  2. Spritz with a toner to hydrate your skin
  3. Massage in a serum to prevent aging

What’s your nighttime cleansing ritual?

My cleansing ritual at night is quick and easy.

  1. Use a different cleanser, one that’s has some foam to it
  2. Makeup wipes to get rid of excess makeup
  3. Spritz with a toner and sleep well.

How do you define wellness?

Wellness is a lifestyle. It’s about creating a balance and routine as you adopt healthy habits. It’s about keeping your stress levels to a minimum, minimizing your toxic load and really enjoying what you do. When your life is in balance you’ll feel lighter, positive and ready to take on the world.

Any final words?

The Detox Market is about making natural products accessible for Canadians. We are all about community, education and sharing stories of brands across the globe.

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Contributor: Melaina Gasbarrino
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Melaina is the founder of SALT to TREE,  a conservation and wellness company founded on the principle that we respect the ocean (SALT), land (TREE) and everything in between. Stay Salty and Live with the Earth through her Kids Environmental Books, OM Collections & Conservation Initiatives.

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