Dress like a Torontonian

An inside-look into Toronto’s street-style scene and “6ix” trends to follow if you want to embody the Toronto-Girl wherever you may be. As a Toronto-Veteran (5 Years) who recently moved to NYC, I had never thought that Toronto has a specific style or edge while living in the city. However, once I spent a few months away from the city and returned for a weekend, I felt surrounded by the same – slightly modified outfits on every street corner.

The Toronto Girl is such a fashion-breed, uber stylish and trendy while maintaining an effortless “cool” while dressing in layers- many layers. Now as an outsider looking in, I envy this Toronto Girl and sometimes find myself missing the one-style-fits-all simplicity of the 6. So here is a compiled list of “6IX” trends to follow if you want to dress like a Torontonian, wherever you are:


Torontonians invented the word minimalist (not really but I wouldn’t doubt it). Walk along any major downtown street and find girls draped in ankle-length coat and a solid-coloured sweaters (and by coloured I mean black, white, beige, or grey).

Layers- Layers-Layers

Out of default, Torontonians have to dress warmer than the average city-girl, due to the harsh -25 degree never ending winters. However, unlike foreigners, the 6 girl still looks chic in these conditions, draped in her Aritzia scarf and baggy turtleneck. She actually looks so effortless that you would never guess she is wearing Lululemons under her jeans- oh but she is.

White Sneakers

Always. 2015-2016 marks the era of the white-sneaker, Europeans embracing this trend long before, but Torontonians bringing it into full fruition this year. Even in the winter months, you can find a 6 Girl with her ankles exposed in classic Adidas-Originals, proving to Toronto-foreigners that snow is no object to her outfit choices.

Wear your City-Pride

I will happily bet that every Toronto girl owns one of the following and wears it on a weekly basis: (1) A “6” Hat (2) OVO gear (3) Graphic shirts with a saying along the lines of “Toronto vs. everyone,” “Home is Toronto, etc.” (4) A Jays or Raptors hat (the Leaf’s symbol is a tad too stereotypical).

Go-To Canadian Designers

You can find a Torontonion decked in her favourite Canadian brands- whether it be her Canada Goose Jacket, Aritizia Sweater, or her pants from her favourite Ossington boutique. Torontonians support their own (THAT, or the dollar is too bad for online shopping)

The Exception

Not necessarily a trend, but rather my favourite type of Toronto girl- one that take risks and adds her own personal-edge to the Toronto-uniform, or even better- veers away from it completely. I think that what makes Toronto so fashionable is how easy it is to stand out- true fashionistas are easily spotted amongst the similarly dressed majorities.


Contributor: Victoria Menechella
Photo: Giulia Menechella

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