Getting Ready with Meytal Algranti

When the Style Team met Meytal at Re/set last month, we knew right away she had amazing style. With her bold lipstick, red Chanel bag and sky high Louboutins, we knew her style would be hard not to pay attention to. I couldn’t wait to see what she would pull out of her lux closet for Toronto Women’s Fashion Week so I thought it would be a cool idea to get ready with Style Hard’s Meytal Algranti.

How did you start out in the fashion industry?

I actually used to style shows at Toronto Fashion Week. When Robin Kay was doing it, I used to style the opening and closing galas. It was a bunch of Canadian designers in one show.

I got into the industry at a young age, after university I started assisting another stylist. I was doing editorials, then music videos, and then I started to collaborate with different artists. I started to get my own styling gigs. I was working with the Canadian artist Massari.

At that point my personal life started settling down, I started my relationship with my husband and then got engaged. That’s when I decided to open my own consignment boutique. It was right on Avenue Road and Lawrence. Because I had a lot of stylist contacts in the city they would bring me beautiful pieces with the tags on. They would bring me six thousand dollar Stella McCartney pieces, not just contemporary. I really enjoyed it but I had an opportunity to sell it and I took it. I still sell privately manly through Facebook. When I started my Instagram I already had that following from my business. Then my Instagram became a ‘my style’ story. Before I was Style Hard on social media, I was Fashion Curator. Now I am getting more into blogging and videos.

What is your process of getting ready for a fashion event?

Sometimes it takes me really long and I take 15 things out of my closet and nothing works and other times it will just come to me in a flash and it’s amazing. It’s not always easy, it could take me over an hour or it could take me 3 minutes.
My process of choosing my outfit also depends on the event. Some days I could be very elegant, other days I could be edgy and colourful. I really like taking risks experimenting with different looks but still maintaining my personal style.

The top that I’m wearing tonight is vintage. It was actually in my closet for so long and I never wore it. I was going to sell it, but I always thought there was something cool about it so I kept it for years. I had never tried it on so when I did I was like “Wow, this is so glam” I love the shoulders and the details at the side.

What is your beauty routine?

Morning is my better time; night-time is my lazier time because I’m not a makeup person. I don’t wear foundation even though I love it and I love the way it looks. I have nice enough skin so it doesn’t really make a dramatic difference. So in the morning is when I do the best routine cause that’s when I really want to moisturize.

I use Dermalogica daily super exfoliate, which is an amazing face wash. Then I use a serum. My routine changes from time to time. Right now I am really into doctor Robucks, it’s not a household name that is at Sephora but it’s a luxury brand that is really good for anti-aging. I also Estee Lauder products that are amazing. I always try to wear an SPF with my moisturizer.

Tell us a bit about your home.

I have been living in this house for around three years. We got lucky because at the time there was a dip in the real estate market. The house was a lot different when we first bough it but we new it had potential and we really put in a lot of work ourselves. Interior design is my second passion.

What are some of your favourite fashion things?

My favourite handbag is Chanel re-issue 255 or Hermes Kelly bag. My favourite shoe brand lately is Aquazzura but in general I’ve always been a Guisseppe fan. I always find a couple pairs a season that work really well with my style. My favourite shoe right now is Louboutin ‘So Kate’, it’s the most chic pointed stiletto.


Contributor & Photo: Olivia Jordan

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