Spring: Skin Revival Kit 101

Ready for a spring skin reboot? Us too! Right now is the perfect time to detox, refresh our diets, and ultimately rejuvenate our dull winter skin. Our skin absorbs a substantial amount of chemicals that it’s exposed to. When buying skincare products it is important to know the brand that you are buying and what they stand for.

Purifying your completion starts from the inside out. What we put on our bodies and into them is interrelated.

Spring Skincare Regime

The foundation for healthy, vibrant skin is established by making the most of sunshine, fresh air, sleep, relaxation, water, and whole foods. Sticking to these steps will help in protecting the skin, encouraging healthy cell turnover, and maintaining the skin’s natural strength, elasticity, and resiliency. Ensure as much as possible that the products you select are organic and toxic free. Become a conscious label reader and learn as much as you can about what products you put onto your body.


Wash your skin with a gentle cleansing agent to remove dirt and oil. We love Nuxe comforting cleansing milk with rose petals ($21), as it is gentle and moisture rich.


Apply a small amount of toning liquid or spray to reduce pores, balance out the skin, and to remove any leftover makeup. L’occitane’s Immortelle Essential Water ($20) is alcohol free and infused with floral water to leave the skin hydrated.


Apply hydrating lotions, creams, oils, or masks that draw moisture to the skin. Once a week we like to use a hydrating mask like Origins overnight mask ($40) to quench skin’s thirst.


Apply exfoliants to remove the top, dead layers of skin cells to encourage better cell turnover. Ensure that you do not exfoliate too often or with products that are too strong; this will throw your skin into an unbalanced state. Boscia exfoliator ($40) is a natural alternative that is recommended to use once a week.

Eye Creams

The skin around the eyes is thinner and the most sensitive. Eye creams help to hydrate and reduce puffiness. Kiehl’s creamy eye treatment with avocado ($36) is a natural eye cream that gently moisturizes.

Contributor: Cassandra Wardrope
Photo: Unsplash

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