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Last week was a big week for music lovers –  Drake drops Views, Calvin Harris and Rihanna debut This is what you came for – listen to it, it’s amazing – and Beyonce drops Lemonade and has us all wondering, who’s Becky with the good hair?  Queen B has captivated the world with the release of Lemonade.  We have Lemonade on repeat.

We love it and and here’s why:

It’s a visual album – who doesn’t love seeing and hearing art?  The video is a perfect compliment to this already perfect album and without it, some of the meaning behind the album may have been lost.

It gets personal –  the album explores Beyonce’s personal, including husband Jay-z’s alleged infidelities.  Although, given her decision to release the album on Tidal, owned by husband Jay-Z, has all wondering if the album was a wronged woman’s expose a or an incredible marketing play.

It’s engaged us in a conversation that is about so much more than music –  Lemonade has us talking about race, gender, feminism and infidelity.

Download it.  We promise you’ll love it as much we as do.

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