How-To: Plan Your Own Galentine’s Day

In order to help you plan an unforgettable Galentine’s Day this February, we’ve teamed up with Courtney McNamara of Out of the Box Events – a Toronto based company with a mission to make Insta-worthy affairs accessible to everyone. Out of the Box Events specializes in providing hosts with themed packages that make throwing a party simple and fun. Planning a get together? Follow Courtney on Instagram for inspiration.


Ever heard of Galentine’s Day? The term “Galentine’s” was coined by Leslie Knope, Amy Poehler’s character on the television show Parks and Recreation. Galentine’s Day takes place on Feb. 13 every year, and it’s all about you and your ladies celebrating each other.

Since the Galentine’s Day tradition is centered around brunch, we’ve put together a guide to hosting your first-ever Galentine’s bash based on three different themes. The best part? You can pull any one of them together in a few hours, so it’s not too late to gather your crew and share in some Galentine’s love.

Here’s three different ways to plan a Galentine’s Day you’ll never forget.


Take ‘Em To The Spa

Photo courtesy of Courtney McNamara.

Décor: You’ll need a backdrop for a day of pampering, so throw on a soothing playlist and dim the lights. Roll up some towels, light a few scented candles, or switch on a diffuser. Encourage your guests to wear their comfy clothes and make sure they bring their robes for a full spa experience.

Food and drink: Snacks at the spa are on the lighter side, so keep this in mind when planning your menu. Things like bite-sized sandwiches, fruit salad, mini yogurt parfaits, or a savoury cheese board are all appropriate additions to a spa-themed brunch. Add some macarons for a sweet finish, but don’t forget the #spawater! Slice up some cucumbers or oranges and place them in a decanter of water to infuse. Better yet, offer a couple spa-themed cocktails like a cucumber or Aperol spritz.

Activities: A D.I.Y facemask station is easy to put together on short notice if you’ve got a couple of small mason jars on hand. Fill the bottoms with a base ingredient like Moroccan red clay or oat powder, and then lay out a variety of wet ingredients like honey and yogurt for your guests to mix in. Hand everyone a recipe card before they get to concocting and be sure to capture some funny pictures throughout the process. Could you ask for a better photo op?

Special touches: You can’t let your girls leave without a party favour! Package up some of the ingredients you used as part of the D.I.Y facemask station and send them home with some goodies. Toss in a nail file and voilà! A small takeaway they’ll actually be able to use.


Spillin’ Tea Party

Photo courtesy of Courtney McNamara.

Décor: If you’ve got some of grandma’s vintage tea cups, unearth those babies from whatever box they’re hiding in! Adorn a table with a white tablecloth and a few strings of faux white pearls. Give your feature display some dimension by creating levels with tiered cake plates for a ‘high tea’ vibe. Finally, arrange a couple of flower bouquets of fresh white or pink tulips in glass vases – they’ve got a wow factor that won’t cost you a fortune.

Food and drink: Tea sandwiches. You need tea sandwiches for your Galentines! Thankfully, these can be purchased or made the day before your celebration to alleviate some stress. Why not consider any one of these 50 (!) combinations? Just don’t forget the tea for drinking. Pickup a variety of teas from your local café or make your own blend with a few things you may already have on hand: lemon, ginger, mint leaves, and a dash of honey.

Special touches: Who could forget the mimosas? All you need to set up a cheeky mimosa bar is a few different juices, (orange, pineapple, cranberry, and peach work well), jugs with labels, garnishes, sparkling wine or champagne, and an ice bucket. Done!


Glam Squad Get Together

Photo courtesy of Courtney McNamara.

Décor: To execute this old Hollywood themed Galentine’s Day, you’ll need a small marquee letter board and a number of tall vases filled with elegant black and white feathers that you can buy at your local dollar store or Michaels. You’ll also need to piece together a D.I.Y photo booth using fringe curtains, streamers, or tinsel. (Again, hit up Michaels!) Props are a nice addition to the photo booth, which you can probably source from a pile of things you ‘never wear’ or an old sunglass collection.

Food and drink: Breakfast pastries, fresh fruit, yogurt, and granola are all nice options to have at your old Hollywood themed brunch. You could also try your hand at making a classic frittata the day before your Galentine’s Day celebration and then reheat it when your guests arrive. (A complicated dish is easy to impress a large crowd with!) Coffee, tea, and of course, sparkling wine and water are necessary accompaniments.

Activities: A popcorn and candy bar is super cost effective and easy to put together in a rush. Pickup a few glass jars, scoops, and small white paper bags at your local dollar store. Then, let your Galentines’ sweet tooth go wild! White and pastel coloured candies will look beautiful in glass jars.

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