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Welcome to VERSES, a monthly virtual poetry reading – now open for submissions. Through VERSES, we aim to help our global community of curious STYLE seekers explore common yet complex thoughts and feelings through this precious, expressive art form. Want your voice heard? Send your VERSES submission to [email protected].

In this month’s feature, “Feeling Replaceable“, author Giulia Menechella takes us down the winding road of heartbreak and back up the mountain of optimism.

@yourgirlgiulietta via Instagram

Have you ever given your all to a relationship
Just to get replaced?
Only settled once, for what I thought would be forever

Just to get replaced

Fractured. Damaged.
No longer broken
How could I ever be as broken as I was when I was with you?

Just to get replaced

Had my soul in your palms
And you painted it grey
Right before you shattered it
Just to do it again to the next unknowing victim

@yourgirlgiulietta via Instagram

How do you move away with one girl
And do the same with the next?
How do you start a new life, in a new city, with a new lover just as we did
So soon after heartbreak?

How do you move on so quickly?
And why can’t I?

You meant a lot to me

And for you, I’m just a number on the long list of placeholders for your chaos, otherwise known as ex-girlfriends

Replaceable. Damaged.
Scratched. Scarred. Forever.

Careful. Alert. Cautious.
To let go. To open up. To trust.

But trust me
My heart will beat for someone else again
And it won’t be for someone as cold as you

– VERSES entry by Giulia Menechella (@yourgirlgiulietta)

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